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Cardiff is going off with a bang

The fireworks display. Photo credited to the Cardiff Round House charity.

The Round House charity will be hosting its annual 32nd “Sparks in the Park” fireworks event, the biggest in Wales,  at Coopers Field in Bute Park. 

Sparks in the Park logo.

“It’s more than just a fireworks display, it’s a family event”, says “Sparks in the Park” deputy chairman James Forbes. The appeal for most people attending he describes, is the half an hour firework display, “We’ll be firing off more than 10,000 fireworks on the night – the maximum going 2,000 feet high.” 

The event also consists of a bonfire, fairground rides, stalls, a hog roast and live music.  All of the profit made from the event will go to local charities; Round House has donated to YMCA Wales, Thrive Cardiff, ABCD Cymru and many more.