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Cardiff tells the deafblind story

View through a peep-hole showing how a person with retinitis pigmentosa sees.

Deafblindness is a little-known condition affecting both hearing and sight, which can lead to social isolation and depression. An exhibition at The Cardiff Story aims to raise awareness.

Visitors to the Deafblind Cymru exhibition can experience what it is like to be deafblind through peep-holes which mimic types of blindness, attempting a conversation wearing ear defenders or learning the deafblind manual alphabet.

18,600 people in Wales were classed as deafblind in 2010.  Ross Evans at Deafblind Cymru hopes the exhibition highlights the difficulties that they face. Social support groups can help, as can technology such as talking clocks or level indicators for tea.

“Not many people know about it” Evans says, “People tend to think of them as two separate conditions – deaf and blind.”