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Catwalk to heaven

What connects Haiti, Noah’s Ark and Fashion? The Charity Vintage Catwalk!

Mia Holt, president of the Fashion Society, speaks about plans for the autumn-winter season.

This autumn, be daring, wear vintage!

 Fashion is not about spandex. Fashion is about beauty and eternal style. Pop your fashionable glasses on, sit in the first row and feel the fashionable buzz.

 This Friday, 18 November 2011 at 6pm, Cardiff University’s Fashion Society is going to host an event which is an appraisal for great style and a great cause.

The theme for this year event is Vintage Glamour. “We are going to have photographers, live music, art exhibition and tea party area with cupcakes”, praises Mia Holt, the president of the Fashion Society.

 The society is going to raise money for two charities which are especially close to their hearts. “All the money which we will raise is going to the Noah’s Ark Appeal and Haiti Hospital Appeal. They both look after kids,thus we have chosen them two”, says Mia.

 The event is not just for fashionistas and vintage lovers, but also for those who genuinely would like to help children-in-need.