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Celebration of Welsh Animation

Some of the much-loved animation characters make their appearance at National Museum Cardiff.  

Wales Animation is celebrated at National Museum Cardiff

Wales Animation, an exhibition celebrates the achievements of Wales’ animation industry, is now underway at the National Museum in Cardiff.

The exhibition lasts from 27 October 2012 to 17 March 2013 with FREE entry. Families and individuals are welcome to come and join some beloved cartoon characters in Wales, from Jerry the Tyke and SuperTed to Fireman Sam and Rastamouse.


Following the history of Welsh animation, visitors will witness displays of animation characters, get access to 3D movies, and also play a video game called SuperTed. According to Owain Rhys, curator of Wales Animation, thousands and hundreds of people came to the exhibition on its launch day.    

“Animation is an important cultural and social aspect, and also an important industry in Wales,” added Owain Rhys.