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Charity pays students to volunteer all over the world


The Progressio International Citizen Service charity  allows volunteers  to use their skills to help developing countries overseas for 10-12 weeks.

Lorena Cotza, 24, an Italian girl from Sardinia and former journalist student at Cardiff Uni considers the experience to be “life-changing” and a great way for students to improve their CV and show their iniciative to employers.

While presenting her trip to Honduras next January, in a Chari-tea event she organised in the university chaplaincy, she explained how the ICS programme is directed to young people between 18-25, with good English skills, good at team work and flexible.  

The organisation spends almost £7000 to cover the volunteers expenses but all  are requested to raise 800 pounds prior to their trip. Then they receive a funding tutor and training for the volunteering work  and are sent to one of the 11 destination countries such as Zimbabwe, Malawi, Nicaragua and Guatemala.

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