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Chinese Store in Cardiff

The products China store provides are not only traditional food or seasoning, they are memories from home town.

Chinese seasoning products display on the shelf. (Photo by Shen Wu in 7 days, Salisbury Road )

Arriving at a new place, foreign students always find it difficult to adapt to the unfamiliar surroundings, from the language to the instructions on the packet. For this reason, a store selling food and ingredients from their home country is more than welcome among them. 

There’s a well-known China store named 7 days near student residences. “It feels so warm to see those Chinese seasoning stuff here in Cardiff!” said Lin Zhao, a Chinese student from Business School.

Lin Zhao is not alone. Indeed, most of the customers are international students. However, this home sick therapy comes at a relatively high price, after traveling from one continent to another.

“The price is reasonable, considering the freight and tariff; after all, it’s cheaper than receiving parcel sent from China.” Lin Zhao added.

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