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China’s Singles’ Day: Single Life Could Be Cool

The Singles’ Day is celebrated on four specific days in a year. It is part of Chinese modern culture

One of the Singles' Day slogans: single people all over the world get united.

Forget about the Valentine’s Day, let’s just have a Singles’ Day party and get drunk. Yes, this is what many young bachelors’ thought in modern China.

Every year, especially on 11 November, a large number of single Chinese celebrate this festival, showing positive attitudes toward the fact that they have not found love.

People got crazy at the Singles’ Day party in Cardiff.

The idea originally comes from the young. The number “1” resembles a bare stick, which, in Chinese culture represents bachelors. When it is 1 and 11 January (1/1, 11/1) and 1 and 11 November (1/11,11/11) sticks are gathering on the same day. It is a perfect time for sticks to express their feelings of being single together.

Wei She, a 22 year-old single girl said: “For me, life without a lover is fantastic as well. ”