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Christmas celebration all the way

 11th Cardiff Winter Wonderland opens on November 17th and the highlight is the new BT Infinite Ride

Wales’s capital city is now lightened with the 11th season of ‘Cardiff Winter Wonderland’ at City Hall Lawn, Civic Centre, CF10 3ND. The 50-day festivity event ends on 2nd January.


Wonderland is sure to attract a lot of visitors with its traditional ‘Admiral Open Air Rink’ and elementary rides for children now open for public. 

People chillin' out at the Ice Skating Rink!

And the icing to the cake is the ultra-adventurous BT Infinite Star Ride. The BT Infinity is a 60m high spinning chair ride captivating the visitors with thrilling views of Cardiff City. Welsh footballer, Gareth Bale officially opened the new BT Infinity Star Ride on November 17.  Rink’ and elementary rides for children now open for public.

Wonderland comes in full circle!

Hanging out at the 'Ice Lounge'

Sarah Gravey, the Press Officer said “BT infinity is not only sponsoring the BT Infinite Star Ride but also adds a new look to this old wonderland with the BT Infinity Ice Café Bar, which will also provide free Wi Fi services to all visitors.”

Make merry!