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Christmas promotion start in October

Now it is the middle of October, people have officially begun Christmas Shopping. Many bars and restaurants have started promoting booking.

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 Although there is still two month to go, Cardiff has already been seized by Christmas fever. To get into the Christmas spirit, many shops has put Christmas trees in there shop windows. Christmas cards and gifts are already available in stores. Pre-Christmas discounts and promotions are visible.

 Most of the bars and restaurants have posted their Christmas booking notice at their entrance. “Hurry, book your Christmas Evening now!” “Join us, Limited Availability Left for Christmas” various slogans used by bars to attract customers.

“Christmas is more an opportunity to go to bar with families and friends than a time for stay at home; we hope more people come to our bars to celebrate this evening, it’s a good time for bar to make money at that evening .” says John, a bar boss in Cardiff.