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City Centre BHS to close next year

Up to 200 staff members face possible unemployment as Cardiff BHS will shut its doors in the coming year.

Queens Street BHS in Cardiff City Centre

British Home Stores has announced the closure of its Queens Street branch in Cardiff, which will take place in late January, 2013.

The retail chain BHS, which has been part of the Arcadia Group since 2009, is best known for selling clothing and household items. The closure of the city centre store has brought job lose fear among its staff members.

“It’s absolutely bad news for Cardiff and bad news for us. I was shocked when the manager said the BHS would shut,” a staff at the store said.

According to a spokesman for the Arcadia Group, BHS promises to redeploy staff at the Queens Street branch within other BHS and Arcadia stores. And the company is planning to open a smaller store next year.