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City regions will be good or nothing?

When Welsh Business Minister announced a future economic strategy last week, thumbs-ups and thumbs-downs came from everywhere including food sector.


Cardiff City Centre

One voice from a diner located in Cardiff City Centre shakes the city regions plan revealed on Oct 16 by Edwina Hart, Business Minister in Wales.

Pitoon Arunrat, Thai Edge Restaurant Manager, said “City regions will not make a difference to our industry. I think location and consumer behavior are keys to success.


“If people in Cardiff still have less dining out like they have now, city regions will not make any difference.”

Then, what makes a profit for food retailers? Pitoon answered, “Festive season such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas, especially Rugby League are our highlights. During Rugby games, Thai Edge restaurant can make more £7,000 per night.”

What do we learn from here? Are we going in the right direction? Wait and see.