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Community gallery: the art saver

The community art gallery like Milkwood has become a platform for local artists to express their thoughts and observation of the world.

Milkwood Gallery’s logo image (Image courtesy of milkwood gallery website)

Located in a corner along Lochaber Street, Milkwood Gallery is undertaking a community painting show, Marking Diction, whose aim is to map local artists’ paintings. In here, people cannot just enjoy a visual feast of art and but breathe the aroma from art. The duration time for this exhibition is from 23 Nov to 16 Dec.

“It has very supportive impact on this community,” introduced by Elfie, one staff in Milkwood Gallery, “through this local community based art gallery, artists around Roath can support not only themselves but also those art-lovers to develop skills and practice techniques.”


From a bric-a-brac vintage shop to a workshop for sewing courses, whatever ways it takes, Milkwood Gallery switches its multiple roles simply for the support of local art.