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Crisis in higher education

Higher education should be available to students who have the ability to study, not the ability to pay.

On Wednesday 9  November, enormous students gathered at central London to protest over great increase in university tuition fees and cuts to public spending. This debatable issue that whether it’s overcharged in tuition fees has been highly discussed again.

“It is just not fair. Education should be available to everyone,” Daisy Robinson, a London student among the protest, said to BBC.

“Higher cost might keep away some students who cannot afford the fees, or cause them to do more part-time jobs.” Ying Yang, a student of Business School, Cardiff University, said that finance is the most important factor when she decided to apply for a university.

“It’s hard to apply a scholarship in the UK, and the fee is unacceptably high, that’s why I choose America,” Xiaoting Jiang said, who is now studying in University of Denver.