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Designer Violence ain’t dead

Shouting at pigeons may be one his hobbies, but don’t be fooled by it! This Irish man is a wacky yet extremely promising young artist 

Danny Connor presents Designer Violence's studio (photo taken by Norma Jean Finnegan)

Danny Connor is a young Irish artist and co-founder of Designer Violence Magazine.

At the end of November, you can admire his contribution to the Chair Exhibition or visit his freshly launched blog  where he posts his work.

Despite his young age- he is only 25-year-old- Danny is already well-known for his dark and creepy illustrations and his entrepreneurial skills in the publishing world.

Together with his friend Ed, he founded Designer Violence Magazine which gained wide approval in Cardiff’s art scene. “When I came to Cardiff with Ed, we developed a network of artists whose work we admire or like. Their work was amazing but it’s never manifested itself in print, so we’ve created a magazine that shows that art to wider audience,” explained Danny.

 Designer Violence was actively involved in the Cardiff art scene. Below, you can admire one of Ben Smith’s beautifully crafted videos about Designer Violence’s gig, which took place in Milgi. 


Milgi Window Drawing by Ben Smith

Milgi Window Drawing from Ben Smith on Vimeo.