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Dog fouling penalty: Fair play?

 Zero tolerance, police and council in Cardiff have started to be stricter to dog fouling.


Dog fouling sign could be spotted around the UK









New fixed- penalty notice booklets to tackle dog-fouling in Cardiff have been given to the Police Community Support Officers and council workers. The booklets are issued as a part of a joint training session aimed at a more rigorous control over dog fouling.

 Without the satisfying outcome of last years’ two fixed- penalty notices, the council launches their new measure. Councilor Ashley Govier, cabinet member for the environment said: “This administration has made it clear from the start that we will not tolerate littering.”

 Intercardiff talks to some dog-owners in Cardiff. Their reactions all include the word “fair”. Even though the maximum fine would be £1,000, Paul Fortescue from Cardiff, owner of a naughty puppy says:” it would be a thrill to people’s behavior, it’s fair and fine”.