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Elderly People Could Lead A Life Independently

More and more council sponsored and self-initiative organizations are aiming to provide more homecare and community services for the older people to stay at home for the rest of their life.

An elderly woman is sitting alone at one care homes. Photograph is from The Guardian.

According to Welsh government official figures, around 23,000 older people are staying in residential care homes rather than their own homes. The blame goes to, to major degree, the hospitals’ over discharges and the lack of communication between the NHS and local services.

In solving this problem, government should play a primary role in leading the whole social care system back onto the right track. However, sheltered houses have been popularized as a trend appearing among communities in Cardiff. Differing from residential or care homes, sheltered houses grant the freedom and independence on the elderly to lead their own life.

Worcester Court Sheltered Housing, Great Western Court, Houlston Ct and etc constitute the whole sheltered housing system which disperses respectively in communities in Cardiff.