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Embrace the Art, Colour the Life

Artes Mundi 5 is the must-see artexhibition that you will not want to miss.

the label of Artes Mundi 5

Are you still in the dilemma of where to spend your weekends? It seems that the National Museum Cardiff offers a desirable option. That is because Artesmundi5, Wales’s biggest contemporary visual art exhibition, is being held.


Termed as the UK’s largest art prize, Artes Mundi5 exhibits paintings, sculpture, installation, photography, and film by seven artists from Europe, Latin America, India and Scandinavia with its aim to explore social themes like popular culture, politics, death and displacement. This exhibition is held from 6 Oct. 2012 to 13 Jan. 2013.


Carol Spackman, staff member at the Museum, said: “This Saturday we have received around 1895 visitors, and the minimum number for this week is 829. Weekends are always the busiest, because people have free time to come.”