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Enjoy weekend breaks in Mumbles


Maybe you’ve tired of stay in Cardiff on weekends, the nearest and the most interest place you can go for a weekend break with your family, of course, is Mumbles.

Mumbles is about one hour by train from Cardiff. It is a village only a couple of miles outside of Swansea that reaches to the Western most tip of the Bay of Swansea. Every weekend, many families drive to here and enjoy their free time. It has really gorgeous views – perfect combination of beach, rocks and pretty sea views. Equally dramatic in rain and shine!

No matter day or night, people both will have a nice time at there. In the day time, people not only can enjoy sunshine and view the beautiful scenery, but also can do stimulating activities such as surfing. At night, people can drink and dance in nightclub. Undoubtedly, Mumbles is one of the best seaside villages in Wales.