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Experience the building art in WMC

The outside look of Wales Millennium Centre has become a symbol for Cardiff Bay.

The design inspiration of WMC stems from its architect’s childhood experience of growing up in Wales.

“1 Hour Guided Tour 2012” provides a panoramic view for visitors who are interested in design and construction of Wales Millennium Centre (WMC). 

Visitors could have the access to an in-depth explore of WMC’s design and construction as well as a quick glance at its backstage through this guided tour.

Outside of WMC, its construction materials such as metal and glass showcase Welsh culture and people’s virtues. Inside, the whole layout reveals a smart combination of modern industry and nature beauty.

Ben Rowe, accompanying her daughter for a singing contest, shared his feelings about the architecture: “It is distinctive. It is not just thing that you would think, like it is another building. As you walk around, you are rewarded by its texture and shapes.”