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Explore Cardiff’s Somali community

Audiences around the globe are welcome to watch the three-day, site-specific production exploring Cardiff’s Somali community.

Young Somali poets are going to sing the song of their lives in the Butetown area of Cardiff. Image courtesy of National Theatre Wales

De Gabay, a three-day exploration of the Butetown area in Cardiff, will be staged from 1-3 March 2013 and focus on the lives of young Somali poets in Butetown community.

This amazing, one-off play is the first production in National Theatre Wales’ third season which will move audiences from chilly theatre hall to wide local boulevards. Audiences will enjoy a variety of intimate and magnificent performances as well as a fascinating parade.

The production will be carried out by a mix of community members and professional performers. National Theatre Wales’ artistic director, John McGrath, appealed to residents in Butetown to take an active part in De Gabay.

“We are encouraging and inviting local community to get involved in this ambitious project,” said John McGrath.