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Explore craft wonders for Christmas

Under the luminous blue star, a line of wooden stalls in Cardiff city center is indispensable for the upcoming Christmas.








Run by Craft*folK, the Christmas market has 18 years’ history. It has become a famous attraction of Cardiff.

Despite the chilly wind and dark sky, people from different places stands in front of the stalls. Their eyes seem to be caught by something extraordinary. Yes, it’s “handmade” and “craft”, which turn the market into something fascinating and special. Exquisite glass lantern, handmade necklaces and bags, beautiful iron crafts, in 39 days of running time, you can definitely expect more than these                                                                             ongoing attractions.          

Handmade crafts

When asked about whether there’s something new, Maxine Hird, an officer in Craft*folK said: “This year we have over 100 stalls, it’s the biggest market ever. And we are working with Welsh Government Regional Centre as a part of global Entrepreneurship Week.”