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Fair Do’s means doing fair to all

Fair Do’s is doing reasonably good to producers and consumers 

Fair Do’s sells many handicrafts, wooden kitchenware and home decorative items from Africa

A fair trade bandwagon has been growing internationally, and Cardiff proves to jump on this wagon quite awhile as well through a strong commitment of Fair Do’s. 

With a range of fair trade products, Fair Do’s shop has been carefully stocking its shelves for over 14 years with global products labelled with an authorised Fair Trade trademark. And the majority of products are from developing countries like African countries.


“We aim to source our products from BAFTS (the British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers) registered importers,” Jan Tucker, the founder of Fair Do’s, explains the shop’s sourcing, “By doing this, we know that these importers we buy from have a clear understanding of fair trade and a commitment to trading by fair trade principles.”