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Feel the Mandarin Fever

Wales China Schools project is not only about learning a new language but a chance to experience Oriental culture in person.

Centre for Lifelong Learning on Cathays provides all ranges of programs for students to study outside classes.

“Ni Hao.” The mandarin fever is about to heat Cardiff’s chilly winter again. That is because the 5th meeting of Wales China Schools Forum will be introduced at Cathays Park on 2nd and 3rd December. 

Considered as one of the most difficult-to-learn language in the world, mandarin has greeted more and more challengers arranging from primary pupils to college students with their interest upsurging in learning Chinese. On the impending meeting, language experts, foreign language advisors and Chinese tutors will be on hand to facilitate the two-day event.

First launched in 2010, this yearly program aims at strengthening cultural communications between China and Britain. Fang Zhi,  a former tutor in Lifelong Learning Centre said: “It is more about learning Chinese for fun than just study.”