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Feel the “Spirit of my Flesh”

Paloma Varga Weisz carried her solo exhibition: Spirit of my Flesh in Cardiff

Face in a Leaf (photo by Wu Shen)

 As you know, contemporary art is all about being open for interpretation, and the latest exhibition of German artist Paloma Varga Weisz will definitely resonate inside you. She travelled with her arts to Tel Aviv, New York and Berlin. Now she brings her works to Cardiff.

Mother (photo by Wu Shen)

 The colours in a sculpture vary as the lights and positions change. “I’m impressed by the colours,” said Karen Issa, an audience from Wales, “the colour of the sleeping Mother reminds me of chain mail.”  

Yet her works are not just beautiful portraits, but also contain contrast. In the busts of the Father, Young, and Father, Old, the artist expresses this metamorphosis by the smoothness and the roughness of their faces. “That’s a really good way she’s done that,” Karen admired.