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Fly direct from Cardiff to Barcelona!

Low fare direct flights from Cardiff to Barcelona will be launched from 27 March 2012 


Travellers will soon be able to fly directly to Barcelona from Cardiff and vice versa. Cardiff will be one of 54 destinations that Vueling will offer from their Barcelona hub. Photo by: Jaume Meneses.

If your Flamenco shoes haven’t hit the floor in a while, now is the time to pick up the moves. As spring unfolds in Cardiff next year, the low fare airline, Vueling, will be standing by to fly you to the city of Gaudi. 

Catrin Elis, at Cardiff Airport Press Office, is hopeful that the Spanish airline, operating from their Barcelona-hub, will bring tourists into Wales, which will directly contribute to the economy of the region.

“It’s great to attract a new airline to an airport especially during difficult economic times,” Elis said.

Flights will initially operate three times a week from Cardiff Airport. Low fare tickets won’t cost you much more than a quality bottle of Rioja.