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Football game kicks up bar business

The relationship between beer and football is always close in the UK.

Let’s see how it works in Cardiff. Oct 11th 2012 is a raining Thursday in Cardiff, everybody walks fast and needs a cup of warm coffee. But some men wearing kilt strolls in the city center, talking and smiling with a bottle of beer in their hand. Then they go to the Mordaith Bar on the Park Place road. Sing traditional songs, dance, and drink.

Those men wearing Scottish skirt come to Cardiff for the world cup qualification game between Wales and Scotland in the Millennium Stadium on this Friday. Their third destination after stadium and hotel is the bar. 

“Though the football fans aren’t the main consumer to our bar, but when there is a game, our business will increase a lot.” says Dan, the bar attendant in Modaith.

 Those men wearing skirt walks out of the bar, steps forward to the game. Beer and wine are always their company. What has been left in the bar in Cardiff is the money.