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Gay Pride in Aberystwyth next June

Aber LGBT, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) group in Aberystwyth, recently announced their plans for “Pride on the Prom” – a weekend of celebrations of Mid-Wales’ LGBT community 

Love is a human right, also in Aberystwyth. Photo: Oda Gilleberg.

Gabriel Aldam, treasurer for Aber LGBT, believes that “Pride on the Prom” will be the first big Pride event for the region. “To our knowledge nothing like this has been attempted in all of Mid-Wales,” he said. 

The group hopes the festivities will bring together LGBT people and others from all over Wales, and help promote LGBT rights and issues. 

“It will be an excellent way to unite the local gay community, which can sometimes be difficult given the large rural area we incorporate,” Aldam said. 

Aberystwyth Mayor, Cllr. Richard Boudier, told Cambrian News that he supports “Pride on the Prom”. 

More Pride events will take place nationwide over the summer, including the WorldPride London Festival in June/July, and Mardi Gras in Cardiff in September.