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Experience a day in the life of Welsh soldiers

Come and visit the museum of the Welsh soldiers, feel it.

See how soldiers really lived and fought

“Choose life, choose a job, choose a career”, just like this quote in “Trainspotting”, life could be entirely different if you choose another profession. Life like Welsh soldiers in front line, is all about excitement, selfless commitment and “ordinary people being extraordinary”.

What is their story? There is definitely something you want to explore at the exhibition “Firing Line” in Cardiff Castle museum of the Welsh soldiers. “Firing Line” commemorates over 300 years history comprising the Battle of Waterloo 1815 and some other conflicts or wars with a diverse range of soldiers’ remnants including medals, equipment and so on, also with video profiles.

A visitor, Robert Olsen, aged 61, said: “ It’s very interesting and historic. There are also activities for children. It’s educational.”