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Get closer to Japan with CUJS

You can discuss everything about Japan and make friends at CUJS

Photo courtesy to mslimalicious.com, origami-kids.com, enkimono.com, spreadshirt.com

If you love sushi, Manga (Japanese comic), and everything about Japan, Cardiff University Japanese Society is your place to meet like-minded people and build new friendship through the club. 

While some students join sports club and volunteering camp, others fall in love with Japan and its culture. With such a passion, Cardiff University Japanese Society (CUJS) was founded and now has over 170 members. Serving both Japanese students in Cardiff and those who have an interest in Japan, the society serves a meeting point where they exchange knowledge and learn languages through various activities like games, conversation classes and guest speakers.

Yoshi Hikima, a Japanese student in English language program, saw the society is a way to improve his English skills and to meet native English speakers.