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Get ready for the Apple Day!


A local community, Orchard Cardiff is going to host an event to celebrate the Apple Day at Clare Gardens from 12 to 4pm this Saturday, 20 October 2012.

Pile of apples by msr Photostream from flickr

Apples to taste and apples to buy, it’s the annual celebration apple day! Bring your apples, bring your families and friends, join us and enjoy!

 Orchard Cardiff has planned the whole event of juice making, apple produce competition, apple identification, apple doctor, games, face painting or craft activities, and music or refreshments. Although Apple day itself is October 21, the whole events are throughout the month.

Penny Fowler, a local gardener said, “It’s a traditional way of British to celebrate the harvest. And instead of wasting these fruits, it’s also a great way to promote them. ”