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Get yourself a bicycle the cheap way

Photograph cede by the Cardiff Cycle Workshop

As the Welsh government admits its goals to raise the numbers of cyclers for the last 4 years failed, one organisation is certainly not to blame for it.

Cardiff Cycle Workshop states as its mission to recover used bicycles avoid their sending to the scrapheap and increase the number of cyclers.

Every first Saturday of the month they held their Workshop Bike Sale, a great opportunity to buy a reconditioned adult bike for £50 or a kid’s bike for £5, all checked by professional mechanics and with a 3 months warranty. “On this year only we had 460000 bikes passing through the workshop,” says Jon Howes, Workshop Coordinator.

“We try to recover and give more use to bicycles and materials that would otherwise go to the scrapyard. Everyone can then buy one of the bikes for less than 100 pounds and enjoy it.”

The next Bike Sales will be on the 5th and 2nd of February and its possible to suppose that if they had the option, the three wise man would probably present young baby Jesus with a recovered Apollo mountain bike.