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Group buying: a new marketing strategy

Featuring on discount websites helps merchants to reach a wider audience.

La Crêperie de Sophie features its deal on LivingSocial. Image courtesy of LivingSocial

Given the huge success of social buying websites recently, more small businesses in Cardiff are keen to jump into the trend.

The concept of group buying is not novel to the general public, for Groupon and LivingSocial have become household names by offering localized deals at hefty discounts.

Beyond doubt, customers will take advantage of such bargains. While local businesses also profit a lot from marketing themselves by featuring their products online. 

La Crêperie de Sophie, a newly launched restaurant in Cardiff City Centre, partners with LivingSocial to promote a 58% off deal and has already got 473 purchases by 5pm, yesterday. “We had 20 people coming with the deal yesterday (on Saturday). So it’s advertising, it’s publishing for us,” says a member of staff.