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HIV Risk ignored by the Elders in Wales

As World Aids Day approaches, the older generation in Wales need to be made aware of the disease

The World Aids Day on the 1st of December this year will have a change in campaign target: nearly 10% of the people diagnosed this year in Wales have been above the age of 55 years, according to Terrence Higgins Trust (Cymru).

The risk of HIV- not just a problem of the young. Credits: Tanika Godbole

“In those days, there was no such thing as birth control or safe sex. People had no knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases. The older generation are not able to accept the possibility that they too might be HIV positive” says Ken Williams, who has actively volunteered for AIDS Awareness Campaigns for the past four years.

World Aids Day, 1st December

The actual numbers of older victims of HIV in Wales are expected to be much higher, since many of them do not get tested for HIV.