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Horrible Histories live on stage

The two thrilling shows will be gliding into the audience in Cardiff next week.

The Horrible Histories are coming to thrill the audience in Cardiff next week. Image courtesy of New Theatre

Two Horrible Histories productions – Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians will arrive at New Theatre from 27 November to 1 December 2012. Please get ready to travel back to the Tutor and Victorian times!

Adapted from the bestselling history series by Terry Deary, these two compelling shows feature 3D special effects, creating a brand-new visual feast for Cardiff

Photo credited to New Theatre

audiences. Far more than dragging people into horrible experiences, the shows intend to provide informative knowledge in a humorous manner. 

“I love the BBC Horrible Histories series. I believe the show’s going to tell children the truth in history that schools would never tell,” said Darren Vallance, a retired worker from Valleys.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet the historical figures in torturing Tutors and wicked Victorians.

Video credited to Bradford Theatres via You Tube