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Hot Wax Records: memories to business

Collectibles in the past make money for today’s living 

How Wax Records offers a variety of music genres

While people try to put creativity upfront and introduce new products to market, this small shop in Cardiff brings old collectibles from childhood back and turn them to a business. 

As the name suggests, Hot Wax Records stocks a wide selection of music genres for more than 1,000 titles, from The Beatles, MJ to Beyoncé. And songs are in old-school formats such as vinyl record, cassette, and CD.                                          

That is not all. The shop has more on offer than you think. It also provides comics, DVDs, and models for rare collectors. To name a few, there are Elektra, X-Men and Superman comics, plus Star Wars miniature figures.

 “Genuinely, our place is a modern collectible shop,” said JP Davies, the shop assistant and former regular.