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Humour Relies On Self-mockery

Online amusements rely on mockery,of others as well as selves

normal teenager,artistic teenager & silly teenager in Gregynog photo by Weiran Gao


Do you know how to distinguish between normal teenager, artistic teenager and silly teenager by three photos? Here comes the most popular online activity in China at present.

Originally posted on social network “douban”, organizer”Daxian” uploaded three photos about a boy eating noodle and using chopstick in different pose, what represent three kinds of characters vividly. As photos showed, Normal teenager eats noodles as a common, artistic eats noodle elegantly yet stagily, and silly teenager twisted his hand in ridiculous shape in order to hold chopstick.

These series of amusing photos raise an imitative wave and series of comparison photos boosted. Netizens also amuse laugh by uploaded their pets’ movement or use photoshop to edit shots in the movies and celebrities’ picture as well.

“It’s a kind of self mockery, “nitizen Yvonne comments, “this activity fascinate us not only because photos defined those unutterable differences of characters incisively, but also explore our different angels of personality.”