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Hysteria at cheap luxury

Collections sells out soon in stores but still available on action site in double price

The only trace of Versace for H&M collection in Cardiff store

When shoppers came to H&M store in St. David’s on 17th November 19, they were disappointed to find shelves without Versace for H&M collection items, and the only trace of the collection was a petite fluorescent dress, despite the fact that the collaboration collection had just launched at 9 o’clock that morning.

Negative comments like “walking around wearing a cheap Versace cannot make them cool” did not stop shoppers from going wild for the collection, an anonymous shop assistant in St. David’s said, “There are 400 items in our store, all sold out before 10:30.”

But some collection items seem like profiteers’ booty. You can find 2,564 items of collaboration collection on eBay, which is 6 folds of the stock in Cardiff store, including all sizes and styles. Meanwhile, the price nearly doubles.