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International students, a gold mine?

Lots of British universities prefer to assign their postgraduate positions to non-EU students to benefit their education budget.


International students at class by Jean LIU

 Migration Watch UK’s recent research points out that non-EU students are three times more than they were 10 years ago. Higher tuition fees and lower scholarship rates seem to be a big temptation. However, the increasing number may sometimes mean failing to comply with the strict selection criteria.

Figure, Non-EU IPS Immigration for Study, 1991- 2011, ONS (by MigrationWatchUK website)

 “It’s common,” says Chen Goo, a Chinese student of Business School of Cardiff University, “more than 90% students in my class are international students and more than 80% are Chinese. But our £13,950 tuition fee is twice higher than the EU students.”

“It’s not fair,” implies Chen, “I understand the bad economy, but I’m concerned of the negative consequences the utilitarian behavior might bring.”