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It’s your money, save it!

People share their conveyance with others who follow the same route and hence, share the fuel cost

Car Share is a new method adopted by people to share their conveyance while travelling to their workplaces everyday. This way of travelling has given people not only a chance to save money but also an intelligent way to reduce traffic, to lessen their carbon footprint and to save fuel.

Two ladies pooling car to the supermarket

People living nearby and those who have the same route usually contact each other through various websites in Cardiff like carshare2cardiff.com and liftshare.com which finds suitable co-passengers for them. Mike who himself is a van driver for NHS says, “It is a good way to share fuel and spread the cost. Moreover, fewer cars mean easier parking.”  Contrary to this, Martin Davis, a Web designer says, “Though it’s a really good idea but unfortunately I couldn’t find many travellers on my route to team up with.”

 However, if it suits you, go ahead, be a part of the bigger change!