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Light up! Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle turned on Christmas lights in this month, November

Christmas lights on Cardiff Castle (photo by Wu Shen)

Many people may have noticed that Cardiff Castle switched on Christmas light in November. When it’s getting dark, the blue, white and silver stars twinkle on the castle’s walls, the same theme as Queen Street.

However, when it comes to judging the beauty of the lights, it’s in the eye of the beholder. “I thought it was a night club! I didn’t realise it’s a castle,” said Emma, a tourist from Devon.

The government is cutting budgets everywhere during the euro zone crisis, yet people seem to think the money on light decoration is well-spent. James, a local resident suggested that the light decoration, as part of the Cardiff Christmas culture, did attract tourists and shoppers to spend their money. “It actually helps the economy,” he added.

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