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Make your customers first


Sale is almost over, time for some feedback.

When walking through Queen Street, the most famous shopping street in Cardiff, it is easy to get attracted to those eye-catching sale slogans. It seems to be a win-win for customers and sellers, but this time, customers have found their own voice.

“I have to say I benefit from the mid-season sale,” said Beth Harris, who had just stepped out of a shopping mall. She also mentioned, “But, I don’t like 3-for-2 offer, it feels like we are tempted to buy more things that we don’t actually need,” when talking about different types of sales promotion.

Ye Chen, a business school student, complained, “I’ve got so many vouchers in my purse, I barely use them!”

According to Lora, duty manager of Holland & Barrett, there are several ways for customers to offer feedback. “You can either choose to fill in the opinionaire in our stores, or go to our online shop to leave your suggestion. Please let us know your opinions, it do help us improve our selling.”