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Victorian Poetry gets a techno kick

American Techno star to put music to nineteenth century poetry

Margaret Sandbach’s (a nineteenth century poet) poetry is soon coming back with a new vigour- through the tunes of American techno star Linda Lamb.

This unique collaboration was initiated by author Mark Baker, who is currently working on Sandbach’s biography and is being sponsored by The Arts Council of Wales.

A sketch of Margaret Sandbach. Credits: Tanika Godbole


Linda Lamb, who has a great underground audience in Japan, Germany, etc., announced that she would be coming up with an album of Sandbach’s poetry. Turning poetry into tune is quite a departure for the electro-pop star. Sandbach’s battle with breast cancer truncated her career, with only two of her poems being put to tune by the end of her life. Sandbach was English by birth, although she spent a large part of her life in Wales.



Linda Lamb.Credit: Wikipedia


 The Arts Council will sponsor both the music and a small tour taking in the Wales’ National Museum of Art, in Cardiff and the National Library in Aberystwyth



Linda Lamb- hot room  Click to proceed to Linda Lamb’s most popular song!