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New survey rings the alarm to Welsh parents

Children’s eating preference has been controversially discussed


British Heart Foundation recently released its latest survey about the changing of eating habit among Welsh children.

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It revealed that 94% of them have given up their recommended “5 A Day” of food and vegetable, more shockingly, instead, 28% tended to have sweets, chocolate and crisps at least three times a day.


Also, half of the children usually have carbonated beverage or energy drinks.


Discussion has been raised among school teachers and parents even before the release of the survey. A primary school teacher told us, “We’ve done everything we can at school, but we cannot follow our students home.”


Aimee, a five-year-old boy’s mother, gave the example of her own. “We always avoid crisps and coke in my family. And I also made it my duty to tell my son what should eat.”


“But, a very good-looking and cheap pack of crisps can be a big temptation for children.”