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No Moore trouble for Cardiff

Author and film-maker Michael Moore cancels Tuesday’s show in Cardiff.

Michael Moore once again on the New York Times bestseller list: Moore promises that "Here Comes Trouble" provides “The inside scoop on the only two dates I had in high school!” Photo by: David Shankbone (via Flickr).

The American social critic, known for disapproving of social injustice and capitalism, was scheduled to launch his new book Here Comes Trouble in Cardiff tomorrow, Tuesday 25 October.

“He’s obviously an incredibly well-known film director and demand was high for his performance,” says Jamie Rees, Media and PR Manager at St. David’s Hall. “Over 1,000 tickets were sold for this concert.

“There are no plans currently to reschedule the show but we’re hoping he will be in a position to come to St David’s Hall in the future.”

Moore makes promising tweets for his UK fans, writing, “I will come see you soon! My deepest apologies for having to stay in the U.S. this week.”