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Everyone can be a novelist

All bets are off in this month of creative freedom, as people worldwide gear up for a novel writing marathon.

Some people do it the old-fashioned way, instead of a word processor.

Why not spruce up November with a different kind of challenge? That’s what over 200,000 people must have thought when they started the ‘National Novel Writing Month’ six days ago. Their goal is to create an original story of 50,000 words by 30 November, no matter how.

A merit badge for proud participants

Not so national anymore, the non-profit event of NaNoWriMo has gone worldwide in the last 12 years with over 500 official regional chapters, including one in Wales, who organise meetings, parties and opportunities to write together.

“Writing a novel in a month inspires incredible confidence in seasoned and first-time novelists alike,” said NaNoWriMo program director Lindsey Grant. She continued to say that this sense of creative accomplishment often has an impact on other aspects of life as well.