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“Occupy” protest comes to Cardiff

Six arrests and poor weather conditions break up “Occupy” protests in Cardiff

Six protesters taking part in the “Occupy” Cardiff Movement were arrested Last Friday afternoon on Queens Street. Two of the arrested party are to appear in the Cardiff magistrate court on 28 November 2011.

Mounted tents on Cardiff Castle grounds. Courtesy of Oda Gilleberg.

Protesters along with their tents were stationed outside Cardiff Castle, but police intervention and the downpour caused the crowd to disperse.

 Not all locals appear to share the enthusiasm of the protest. Kevin Thomas, 50, from Cardiff, commented: “I think they have a point, but whether they’re going to get anywhere is another story”

In spite of this setback, the movement does not appear to be over. According to the Occupy Cardiff Facebook page, a rally has been suggested on the day the two protesters are set to appear in court.