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On Ground the Feet, Inspiring the View

Tourism Information Certre in the Hayes offers information for tourists

Do you take the fancy of walking Cardiff? Cardiff Centenary Walk supplies the best offer which satisfies you with the most detailed sightseeing feast. While the only condition is that you have to finish it on foot.

It starts from the Old Library and ends at St. David’s Hall with 41 attractions in total. The whole trip takes around 2 hours and people can pick up the route anytime and anywhere as long as they follow the route markings.

Castle Arcade in Castle Street, one of the highlights through the whole walk.

Sian Parry-Jones, Tourism Services Manager commented: “We developed this in 2005 which was the centenary year of Cardiff being made into a city. The walk around the city centre is to help people understand history of this city and heritage, and also give them some interesting things to do.”