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Poundland: buy big name products

Some customers only buy big name products they trust in Poundland.

Poundland in Cardiff located at 13 Queens Street CF10 2AQ.


Poundland is known for selling all products for £1 and makes profits through selling in a mass. Martin Bowden, store manager of the Cardiff Poundland said that they have about 12,000 customers every day. They need to stock weekly to meet the demand.

When asked about whether the same products sold in Poundland and in Tesco have any differences, Martin Bowden replied, “I have no idea.”

John Smith, a customer, said that not everything sold in Poundland is real.  “Some of them are copies,” then he pointed to a toothpaste, “Buy one here, and buy one in Tesco. Try the differences. I only choose products I trust to buy.”