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Ready for your trip, Muggles!

The film series has reached the destination of its ten years long-race; you can keep on this journey by a film-shooting locations visit.

As the film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Ⅱ has shown on the screen this summer, the Harry Potter era has come to an end since 2001.Ten years, eight-part film series, the regretful “Potter generations” who are accustomed to the company of magic wand and broomstick could shift their attentions to a journey covered the shooting spots of the films and be their own magicians.

  • Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire, Wales

    It’s also one of Wales’ top surfing beaches

Remember how grieved when Dolby died in Harry’s embrace after rescuing him? This scene is considered as one of the most heart-broken moments of all the films by parts of Harry Potter fans.

  • Cathedral of Gloucester, Gloucester, England

Gloucester Cathedral was built in 681 A.D.

If you are a Harry nut, you will recognize this corridor at the first sight. Maybe Hermione, Ron and Harry will walk by after their class.



  • Christ Church, Oxford, England

    The Hall has been magnified by digital effects

The Hall of Christ Church is the dining room of Hogwarts when Harry first came to the magical school. Sitting in the chair, you can imagine an owl brought you your broomstick and letters.