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Rolls Royce –the “engine of recovery” for UK economy?

The British Firm is breezing past the economy crisis as it makes profit and creates employment

Rolls Royce, once having been bailed out by the Government in 1971, is turning out to be a great investment. Their engine manufacturing sector is expected to recognize £1 billion pre-tax profit in spite of the current low run of the British industries.

Rolls Royce Engineers

TheRolls Royce GBp has gone upto 738.0, the highest in 5 years.

Rolls Royce Power Systems Company, which makes 85% of sales abroad, “has won orders from Saudi Arabian Airlines, Garuda Indonesian Airlines in the month of November alone.” (Press Release)


Rolls Royce aerospace engines are known for operating on simple principles and brilliance in technology. A large part of its revenue comes from servicing the products, which makes the firm appealing in the international market.

The Rolls Royce Aerospace Engine (Blades)